We Can’t Do It Without You

With your support we are nearing our fundraising goal of $250,000!

We are deep into production on the film now and it's thrilling to watch the project come to life! We currently have one remaining investor share of $25,000 that needs fulfillment and are looking to raise the remaining $10,000 in donations. This budget allows for the final filming of Dr. Lad in the US and India, the last interviews with other Ayurvedic luminaries, as well as the post-production of the film.

If we meet this fundraising goal we will be on track to begin submitting the completed film to film festivals in the latter part of 2016. Please support us any way you can.



Three Contribution Levels

$5 Donation Level


Every contribution makes a difference. Donate anywhere from $5 to $99 directly through our secure website. Your donation goes directly towards the budget of the film.

$100 Donation Level

Tax Deductible Donation

Donations larger than $100 are tax-deductible via the Ayurvedic Institute 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  Donors will  receive a charitable contribution receipt.

$25K Investment Level


Become an investor in the film! This level is available for contributions larger than $25K. You will receive a screen credit as an Executive Producer and a percentage of the profits of the film.



Other Ways to Support the Film


If you are unable to contribute to our fundraising drive,
there are many ways to help support the film


Social Media

Spread the word

Help us spread the word about our fundraising drive to complete the film! Share our website on social media or simply tell your friends and family!

Community Events

Community Event

Hold a fundraising yoga class or Ayurvedic workshop in your local area to raise funds for the film! Proceeds from the event can be donated as a tax-deductible contribution.

Share your Story

Share Your Story

Have you had an interesting experience with Dr. Lad or Ayurveda? Share your story with us! Your story may end up being a part of the film.

Vasant Lad Ayurveda

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